Quest the unknowable.

There is awe.awe quest the unknowable

Truly awesome.

The battle for your mind is the one U can't afford to lose.
Learn how the experts use the media to shape how you think and view the world. Click here.
WARNING - Provocative films.
How is propaganda being used around the world.




No one is born knowing what to believe.
candle earth one light one earth

There is one you.
There is one us.
There is u in us.



U be U

It is human to become.

Isaac Asimov Videos and Books

Is this the most important video?

Asimov Video
Isaac Asimov Video
How to Save Earth for Humanity


If you know what isn't working


Happy to be humanOde to Joy.



Welcome to, the u-topia to become.

To become is to live with meaning. To become is to self-actualize. To become is to be you. To become is an individual journey in all areas of your life.
As people self-actualize and become in the world they live in, humanity self-actualizes and becomes. Society becomes. The world becomes. is a village of web places that may help you as you live a life with meaning.
The background map is of the original Utopia. We think it looks good and captures our idealism.
We hope to fill it with places that touch different parts of a thoughtful, joyful, successful life. One that is self-fulfilling and improves the world.
The smiling ubcome logo ubcome = you becomewatches you as a gentle reminder that it is by being aware and watching yourself that one becomes.
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A place for fun together.

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Save Earth with us.


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What does it mean to become? Who r u?

Oopsortunity knocks when you don't expect it.
Oopsortunity Knocks - Advice for bad luck

Make the most of whatever happens.

"U"topia is huge.

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