Isaac Asimov, Author

Isaac Asimov had more books published than any other person. Over 500. He is best known for his science fiction, but he has also written books on history, science, religion, astronomy, and limericks.

Enjoy looking through this collection of his works. The store is arranged by fiction and non-fiction Isaac Asimov books.

Asimov, Humanist

Isaac Asimov believed in the human potential and that it is a moral duty of humans to act for the benefit of humanity. Science, reason, thinking and acting ethically were his guiding philosophy. He was the President of the American Humanist Association.

For more videos on Humanism and the Humanist way of life visit

Here is a video for Humanism that Isaac Asimov hosted. The title, "making bigger circles", expresses the vision of a humanity that is all inclusive.

Humanism: Making Bigger Circles with Isaac Asimov from American Humanist Association on Vimeo.


Isaac Asimov with Bill Moyers

In 1988 Isaac Asimov was interviewed by Bill Moyers. Asimov refers to this interview at the start of the talk he gave on How to Save the Planet.


Entrevista a Isaac Asimov (1988) from RLP on Vimeo.

Below is an interview wth Bill Bogg which reveals Isaac Asimov in a casual conversation. Enjoy.




More about Isaac Asimov at AsimovOnLine

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About the Isaac Asimov Bookstore and Video Gallery

Dr. Isaac Asimov had an incredible brain and used it to do scientific research and write popular books about what he learned. With the ultimate aim of contributing to human civilization.

He also wrote science fiction that is proving to be prophetic.

Fittingly for a person with his vision, technology that hadn't existed when he lived, is now bringing his thoughts to many more people. His ideas continue to influence and grow the human community.

On this page are three videos with Isaac Asimov. Enjoy some thoughful and provocative talk on these videos.

You may hear ideas that clarify your world view.

You may get ideas that inspire you.

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